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Library Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission and role of the library service is to promote, advocate and consistently work to achieve the highest level of library service for TU Dublin Tallaght Campus and its learning community.

Library Service Objectives

  • To acquire, organise and provide access to relevant materials and information sources by a variety of means including materials in print and other media such as physical and electronic resources
  • To provide access to adequate up-to-date materials without undue reliance on other libraries and external sources
  • To provide space conducive to study and enabling users to access all library materials
  • To contribute to the policy-making structure in the university
  • To ensure resources are in place to meet the needs of all our clients
  • To promote the education of all users so that they acquire the ability to effectively source, retrieve and exploit material for themselves
  • To publicise resources, promoting their exploitation by the learning community.

Implicit in the above mission is the recognition that the changes taking place in educational methods or university policy may alter the demand on library resources and services.

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