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Help with My Lists / Save to Lists

My Lists

If you have a favourite author or subject for which you often search when using the catalogue, you can save the search with the click of a button. You can save the results of any search into a list to work with later.

How to create and save your lists

Using your TU Dublin Tallaght CampusNetwork / Moodle ID and password, log in to "My Library Account" on the library home page.
A summary of the items you have currently on loan will appear.
On the page you will see a list of options.
preferred search3 view

1. At the top of the page click on the blue tab called "Lists"



lists1 view


2. Click on new list

lists2 view



3. You must name your new list. For this example the list is named Study Skills. You can have more than one list for different topics.
lists3 view




4. Search for a book in the catalogue. For example Exam Skills by Stella Cottrell.
Click on "save to lists"
lists4 view .

5. Select the list called Study skills and click save. The item you selected is now saved to "your lists"

lists5 view

The next time that you log in to your My Library Account, you can click the "yourLists" tab to see a list of your saved lists.




5. Click on the name of the list to quickly view the titles in it. You can export records from here, in several different formats. You can place a hold on the item if it is checked-out to another user.
lists5 view





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