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Help with My Lists / Save to Lists

My Lists

If you have a favourite author or subject for which you often search when using the catalogue, you can save the search with the click of a button. You can save the results of any search into a list to work with later.


How to save your lists

1. Log in to your My Record.

image of My Record page


2. Select your subject or author from the search box at the top of your record page. Press return or click on the search icon.

image of save search to lists


3. When your results are displayed, click on the 'Save to my Lists' button beside the title that you want to save. You will be asked to select a list, or name a new one. Just follow the online instructions.

image of search results pages


4. The next time that you log in to your My Record, you can click the "My Lists" button to see a list of your saved lists.


image of My Lists page


5. Click on the name of the list to quickly view the titles in it. You can export records from here, in several different formats.

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